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General Fishkeeping Chat / Re: Think Fish Keepers Daily News.
« Last post by Littlefish on Today at 12:43:58 PM »
I have my eye on a couple of bamboo shrimp...something a bit different.  :)
General Fishkeeping Chat / Re: Think Fish Keepers Daily News.
« Last post by Sue on Today at 09:51:32 AM »
Congrats on the exam results  :)
What is the next step for you? I know you've mentioned college, but doing what exactly?

With shrimps you meed to make sure that different shrimp species need the same water parameters - pH, harness and temperature - just the same as for fish.
Red cherry shrimps are the easiest. There are different colours (orange, yellow, blue, chocolate) but these are more delicate having been selectively bred from red cherries, which in their turn were selectively bred from the brownish wild ones.
Amanos and ghost/glass shrimps are next easiest.
Crystal reds & blacks are harder, as are things like tiger shrimps.

The best source of info on shrimps is Planet Inverts
General Fishkeeping Chat / Re: Think Fish Keepers Daily News.
« Last post by Matt on October 16, 2017, 10:15:15 PM »
One suggestion if you get different coloured shrimp which can breed together (eg. caridina sp.) They will often produce grey/brown dull offspring which you may wish to avoid. Of course keeping something like red cherry shrimp with amano shrimp as I do avoids this issue.
General Fishkeeping Chat / Re: IT'S DONE YAY
« Last post by Matt on October 16, 2017, 10:08:47 PM »
The carbon will be removing the fertiliser and getting clogged by it so I would agree on removing it
I confess that I do like the Eheim aquaballs (smaller tanks) and biopowers (bigger tanks). But one thing I would recommend is to always have a spare impeller shaft in the cupboard. They are ceramic and if you are clumsy like me, they can get broken. This applies to other makes with ceramic shafts as well  :)
Thsnkd for the thoughts. think I might go with PF1 again this time for simplicity (it had been around a cpl of yrs, could have lasted longer though :(  )

The aquaball looks interesting, I like the all round intake, not seen before as always thought about trying the fluval.... I will take the time to investigate media etc
General Fishkeeping Chat / Re: IT'S DONE YAY
« Last post by Sue on October 16, 2017, 07:59:57 PM »
If you remove anything I would remove the carbon  :)

In that case I would just wait until the tank can get rid of all the ammonia. Once the plants are growing really well, it shouldn't take too long. And just ignore the nitrate for now. Once you do have fish, you can test nitrate then to make sure it doesn't go over 20 ppm.
General Fishkeeping Chat / Re: IT'S DONE YAY
« Last post by Aquarius Barbara on October 16, 2017, 07:56:17 PM »
When I first set the tank up I overdid the ammonia, after a few days use some put Tetra Safe Start Water Conditioner, 50 ml into the water, but since then have done a 90% water change and not added any more, my plants were from a plant only tank from a shop, I added some amazon swords from Andy earlier in the week I think they were from a tank with fish but it was going up before I added them.
The Plant food is " Love Fish Plant Food is nitrate and phosphate free so avoids encouraging unwanted algae."
I have only added 20 ml of this over that last 2 weeks as it is a weekly feed.

My Plants are growing I can see new growth on all and the grass that died off is sprouting in some places as well so all seems good for them.

I do still have the fine sponge in the filter alongside the carbon one should I maybe take that out now.?
General Fishkeeping Chat / Re: IT'S DONE YAY
« Last post by Sue on October 16, 2017, 07:37:07 PM »
Ooohhh, I missed that  :-[

Yes it does seem a bit odd.

Did you use a bacterial starter at any stage, either when you overdosed ammonia or when you started again? And if so, what was it?
Did the plants come out of a tank that had fish in, or was it a plant-only tank?

1 ppm ammonia is turned into 2.7 ppm nitrite, which is then turned into 3.6 ppm nitrate. Since your tap nitrate is zero, that 10 ppm must all have come from ammonia, and 2.8 ppm ammonia is turned into 10 ppm nitrate.

if you did use a bacterial starter, it could be that it contained nitrite eating bacteria
if the plants came from a tank that also had fish, there would have been bacteria on the plants.

Nitrate is only a problem at higher levels, though there is now evidence that we should keep our tanks below 20 ppm nitrate. You don't have fish yet so I wouldn't worry about nitrate. The main thing is that your tank (be it bacteria or plants) can remove all the ammonia made by your future fish, and any nitrite that may be made from that ammonia.
This is why I am concentrating on making sure that your plants are well growing and can take up all the ammonia that you add, or that you grow enough bacteria to eat any ammonia that the plants can't deal with.

A thought has just occurred to  me - are you using any nitrate containing plant fertiliser?
General Fishkeeping Chat / Re: IT'S DONE YAY
« Last post by Aquarius Barbara on October 16, 2017, 07:17:47 PM »
But what about the Nitrate it just seems to be getting higher and higher is that not dangerous. I really do not understand about them. I need to re-read it so I can try and get the gist of it all.
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