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New Fishkeepers / Re: White spot.
« Last post by Sue on Today at 10:02:43 AM »
I would wait a week to 10 days after the last spot has disappeared. If you have raised the temp to the upper 20s that should give plenty time for every last bug to be killed - or if some escape the med, enough time for more spots to appear.
New Fishkeepers / Re: White spot.
« Last post by pollydoodle on Today at 09:55:06 AM »
Did the 2nd dose Tuesday, but lost another fish overnight, I knew it was going to happen.
How soon do I need to wait before I can get some more fish.
Went to maidenhead aquatics in Shepton mallet yesterday. I felt like a kid in a candy shop. So disappointed I couldn't buy 😕
Introductions and hello's / Re: New member , new Aquarium
« Last post by Sue on Today at 09:20:07 AM »
That's a nice sized tank  :)

Once you've found the hardness of your tap water, then all you have to is decide what to get. Personally I think this is the hardest part - there are just so many fish out there to choose from  ;D

There is an alternative to fishless cycling, and that is to plant the tank quite heavily before getting fish. Once you are sure the plants are growing well, add fish a few at a time.
Introductions and hello's / Re: New member , new Aquarium
« Last post by fcmf on Today at 04:52:17 AM »
Welcome :wave: and congrats on the purchase of your aquarium :cheers:

Good plan to do the room-decorating first (especially if any paint is involved, the fumes of which can have an adverse effect on fish), so you're doing things in the right order. A couple of additional "to-dos" in the interim might be to:
* have a read of this article
* look at your water/utility website to get an idea of the hardness level of your water (in CaCO3 or German degrees hardness) which should help inform which types of fish's water requirements match those of your water.

Looking forward to being able to help you more / sharing fish-related information in the future.
Introductions and hello's / New member , new Aquarium
« Last post by Andy64 on July 19, 2018, 10:52:21 PM »
Hello, thank you for adding me. I have just bought myself a Fluval roma 200, haven't set it up yet as thought i may as well decorate the room first as it`s going to be a bit of a job to move it when it`s up and running. It`s not my first aquarium, but I haven`t had one for a few years now , so will be asking plenty of questions in the near future and will need loads of advice. This is the biggest aquarium i have had, and I just want a nice community aquarium with plenty of colour and activity. Looking forward to learning loads off the members on here and looking forward to getting my tank up and running.
Cheers Andy.
Invertebrates - Shrimps and Snails / Re: Faunus Snails
« Last post by fcmf on July 19, 2018, 09:29:43 PM »
I would happily add more of the Red Nerites (Vittina Waigiensis), but boy you have to be quick when they come in stock as they sell out very swiftly...!!!
Ahem - hope you've read my tip-off PM from yesterday (or maybe you've not logged in to see). Get moving now if you want more!!! I've one en route myself.  ;D

Fish Community Creator / Re: New tank! Looking for suggestions...
« Last post by Littlefish on July 19, 2018, 08:35:12 AM »
This thread is a little out of date, I have more fish now, but it should give you some idea of how things are here.
I have danios, WCMM, v. platies, peppered cories, and amano shrimp in my temperate tank. I agree with you that the platies pooh a lot. The ones I have are the offspring of my original fish. They are complete pigs, and their output more than matches the input.
Your Clive sounds like a cool dude  8)
As far as water is concerned, it's easier to work with what you have, rather than deal with changing it (as you have found out). As an example, water is 17dh, my river tank is approx. 420L, and 20% RO takes it down to 14dh.
There are fish that are fine in my water - my dwarf puffers, tiger barbs, etc., but I admit to getting carried away and buying fish that are less suitable for my water, hence the RO.
Your water (12dh) will work for so many fish.
Going back to your original post, and bolivian rams, here is the site we tend to turn for checking on details
You will see that the rams would also need a larger tank.
If you use a combination of the community creator, and information from Seriously Fish, you can check on the fish that you like, and see if they would work for you. can be used as a community creator. It has a much larger list of fish available, but the CC on Thinkfish is more straight forward.

Fish Community Creator / Re: New tank! Looking for suggestions...
« Last post by fcmf on July 18, 2018, 10:37:34 PM »
Thanks, Littlefish!
What fish do you keep -apart from your plec and cories?
:rotfl: The next reply might be a long one - Litttlefish, our Multiple Tank Syndrome Queen, has more tanks than the rest of us added together, lucky her!
Fish Community Creator / Re: New tank! Looking for suggestions...
« Last post by Loubaa on July 18, 2018, 09:52:01 PM »
Thanks, Littlefish!
Clive could probably wrestle a piranha - he's a pretty tough little guy!
I tried the RO tap water mix in my first tank -collecting it from my LFS by bike every week! - but couldn't keep it up, so in the end I decided to just go with the water.
What fish do you keep -apart from your plec and cories? How much of a reduction do you get with your RO water?
Fish Tank Plant Advice / Re: Bio liquid co2
« Last post by Matt on July 18, 2018, 08:31:37 PM »
Thanks @daveyng

Keep us informed!
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