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Fish Health / Re: Moonbeam/ betta bloated stomach
« Last post by Ally2 on Today at 07:44:40 PM »
Thanks for your replies . I will try soaking the pellets . I feed morning and evening so have always done this rather than giving all at once. I'm looking at him and one side looks like he has a white ball on his side. I'm going to try to take a photo and post . Interesting what you said about your gold fish and that they lived for a year with this problem . Luckily I've managed to keep the hortwart and frogbit alive and he wiggles in them and they provide a resting place near the surface , as he breaths at the surface . I have been googling fish videos of fish with swim bladder and he's not looking like that in terms of swimming without direction or control or sinking. But it's totally out of character of him in this recent behaviour. When he's at the bottom he swims very strongly to the surface . But he's not swimming around exploring like he used to .
I will give him pellets as I don't want to starve him . Withholding food doesn't seem to work anyway .
Invertebrates - Shrimps and Snails / Re: Pregnant shrimp?
« Last post by fish-friends on Today at 07:40:11 PM »
Thank you for all the advice Sue, well There's only 5 eggs left but I will have the stuff all ready for the next time! I know it's nature but there's something wrong about seeing a Cory munching Cory eggs  :( so the next time I'm all ready to stop the eggs becoming snacks! I guess the only positive I'm guessing the eggs are a good protein snack!
My fry net comes tomorrow too late for these eggs  :-[
Invertebrates - Shrimps and Snails / Re: Pregnant shrimp?
« Last post by Sue on Today at 06:49:26 PM »
If there are any eggs left you will need to remove them from the filter. With care, it is possible to roll them till they come off then carefully transfer them to the trap. It might be easiest to position a net under the filter so that any that fall will be caught. You would just need to empty the net into the trap.

Keep an eye on the eggs and remove any that turn opaque white. A plastic pipette is ideal for this - I always saved them from packs of medication but I bought some longer 1 ml ones off Ebay that are better because they are longer.
Once the eggs hatch you will need to feed the fry. When first hatched they need very tiny food. Do a search for how to culture infusoria, you have time to start this. As a second food, microworms are ideal. Starter cultures can be bought from Ebay, you will also need at least two cheap plastic tubs with holes stabbed in the lids (so the worms can breathe) and some cheap instant porridge. Adding a bit of dried yeast also helps the worms grow faster.

If these eggs don't make it, the cories will probably spawn again. And they could well have laid more eggs where you can't see them. From about a week after the eggs were laid, keep a close eye on your water change water as cory fry are very tiny and you'll suck them up without noticing. If you use buckets to do a water change, pour the last couple of inches of water in the bucket into a container where you can examine it thoroughly before throwing it away. When my pygmy cories spawned, the fry looked like tiny little black bugs on the sand. When I used a magnifying glass to look at what I'd sucked up I discovered they were cory fry.
Invertebrates - Shrimps and Snails / Re: Pregnant shrimp?
« Last post by fish-friends on Today at 06:29:12 PM »
I know I was quite exited when I saw them after my disappointment with the amano shrimp i was pleased to see the Cory eggs then not so pleased to see the cories nibbling the eggs! I keep waving The shrimp away my net comes tomorrow but unless I sit and guard the eggs! I think they are becoming a snack  :(
When the net comes do I remove the eggs and put them in the net because she has laid them on side of the filter?
I'm not having any more children so the I want to see fish babies!!  :)
Gallery Showcase / Re: Setting up a river tank - Littlefish
« Last post by Littlefish on Today at 02:24:40 PM »
I have tested the manifold and nothing exploded, which was a relief.  :)
The Paleoplushie ottos have been on the outside of that tank for a while, but I may find somewhere else for them when I get some real fish in that tank.
I have some rocks precariously balanced on top of the largest pieces of wood because they are taking so long to sink properly. Those rocks will go into the algae tank on the windowsill when they are available.
Still struggling to narrow down the list of fish.  ;D
Gallery Showcase / Re: Setting up a river tank - Littlefish
« Last post by TrenchyLs on Today at 12:25:57 PM »
That's looking really good.

I'm assuming the nothing exploded when you tested it out!
Gallery Showcase / Re: Setting up a river tank - Littlefish
« Last post by Sue on Today at 09:02:20 AM »
I've only just found the oto as well. I remember Littlefish fooling us with that stick-on-the-outside oto when she bought it  ;D
Fish Health / Re: Moonbeam/ betta bloated stomach
« Last post by fcmf on Today at 08:21:31 AM »
Sorry to hear that you're still struggling with M.  I can completely empathise as I had two goldfish, at separate times, who each struggled with swimbladder malfunction problems - one who spent her entire final year either on the bottom of the tank as though a lead weight were tied to her or floating upside down on the surface and especially after meals, and another who spent increasing time hanging around at the top of the tank and always after meals (along with other health problems).  It became a matter of constantly monitoring the situation, and adapting/modifying what I did in response to that.

On the basis of my own experience, I would advocate:
*feeding as little as possible, spread out as often as you can - this might involve attempting to break up each pellet into smaller pieces and/or using an auto-feeder to dispense small amounts of food across the day
*pre-soaking the pellet if it's a floating pellet

I would not advocate stopping the pellets altogether and just feeding him daphnia - the pellets will contain the nutrients he requires. My mistake with the first goldfish I mentioned was to stop feeding her flakes and pellets for several weeks, and only feeding her veg, during which she suddenly improved and starting swimming like her old self for a couple of days - but then died of what an aquatic vet thought was malnutrition. My mistake with the second goldfish mentioned was to reduce feeding so much that I suspect what I did manage to feed him was far too small a quantity for such a large fish :'( - this is less likely to happen in the case of your smaller fish but I still think it's an important lesson. If I were you, I would still try to ensure one or two pellets a day, but spread out in "instalments" over the course of the day - or possibly every second day, but no less frequently than this.

As for the daphnia, I have cubes of frozen food but I tend to cut each cube with a sharp knife into halves or quarters, and just feed a quarter or half a cube at a time.

Also, with swimbladder malfunction problems, I tried aquarium salt which was often beneficial - so the Epsom salt bath which you tried might become a frequent part of the regime - and occasionally tried medication for bacterial infection when in its worst phases, and which actually helped too.

Hope that's useful.
Gallery Showcase / Re: Setting up a river tank - Littlefish
« Last post by Matt on Today at 07:01:57 AM »
Lol took me a while to spot the Otto... wasn't looking for that!

Tank looks great Littlefish, have you tested the manifold?
It will look brilliant when the rocks are added.
Gallery Showcase / Re: Setting up a river tank - Littlefish
« Last post by SinghRathorTari on June 26, 2017, 10:56:54 PM »
Wow, looking epic.

That background is amazing... Wait ??? Is that an Otto I can see....
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