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Fish Food and Feeding / Flake food - what to try next?
« Last post by fcmf on Today at 06:32:12 PM »
I've mentioned before that my gang have become fussy, ignoring or spitting out the palest colour and now even the red-coloured JBL NovoBel flakes. I'm just trying to figure out what brand to try next - back to TetraMin or API, or possibly something else. Has anyone tried Fish Science, Dennerle Complete, Vitalis (New Era), Nature's Grub, King British or any other brands? If so, what are your / your fishes' views?

[Edited to add, as an exchange of information: In terms of pellets, I'm finding that, once the initial / first month's excitement of a new food has worn off, popularity as assessed by swimming speed is in the following order - Dr Bassleer's Biofish food (herbal), Hikari Micro Pellets, Fish Science micro granules, Fluval Bug Bites for small fish.]
Fishtank Filtration and Cycling / Re: Filter placement in tank
« Last post by Sue on Today at 11:51:54 AM »
It is usual to have the tube that takes water out on the opposite side from the tube that returns the water. The argument is that if they are both on the same side a good proportion of the returning water gets pulled straight into the out take tube.
Fishtank Filtration and Cycling / Filter placement in tank
« Last post by Littlefish on Today at 11:04:26 AM »
This may seem like a very simple question, and considering the amount of tanks I have, this should have crossed my mind a long time ago, but.......

When setting up an external filter, should the intake be on the same side as the spray bar/output, or should it be on the other side of the tank?

Also, does the placement have any influence on the circulation? and how much surface movement is required for gas exchange to take place?

I feel like a bit of a doofus asking these questions now, but better late than never.  ;)
Introductions and hello's / Re: Hello Derrick - Please introduce yourself!
« Last post by Matt on Today at 06:43:10 AM »
Welcome to ThinkFish!

We'd love to see some photos of your tanks! What species do you keep, and do you have it planted? What are your goals?

I visited South Africa a few years ago and massively enjoyed my time there... such amazing landscapes and wildlife you have!

I also noticed that the hobby seemed fairly popular... I ate in a couple of places that had fish tanks in them.
Yes, this is indeed extremely interesting, so thanks for the clear and methodical write-up.  :cheers:
Introductions and hello's / Re: Hello Derrick - Please introduce yourself!
« Last post by fcmf on Yesterday at 10:52:16 PM »
Welcome, @Derrick - indeed, great to have a fishkeeper from South Africa among us.  :wave:

Fishkeeping is a continuous learning situation, even for those of us with several decades' experience, but the advantage of a forum is how much can be learned from the wealth of collective experience and exchange of ideas, so we look forward to hearing more from you and having you on board.
New Fishkeepers / Re: How often should I clean my filter
« Last post by Matt on Yesterday at 09:08:20 PM »
I go quickly bit longer (about a month or two) but do find that I struggle with nitrates if I go much longer than this. I am very fortunate to have very low (almost zero) nitrate tap for water though.

One thing to note here though, which may well be especially useful to others that land on this page, is how to clean a filter... this should be done with gently squeezing/swishing the filter sponge it in tank water removed during a water change (or chlorinated fresh water) so there is nothing present which might harm the biology of the filter. Cleaning a filter does not also involve changing the filter media (with the exception of some specialist chemical media's inactivated carbon). If your biological filtration is done by ceramic rings, the equivalent is a rinse and 'jiggle about' in old tank water.
New Fishkeepers / Re: How often should I clean my filter
« Last post by Sue on Yesterday at 06:30:00 PM »
The most recent advice I have read is every two weeks for a mature filter. During cycling, cleaning should be less often until the biofilm is fully established.

The brown goo that builds up in the filter is uneaten food, fish poo, bits of dead plants etc and it is a "nitrate factory" - all that waste decomposes to make ammonia which is turned into nitrite and on into nitrate and if left it can have serious impact on the tank nitrate level.
I have 2 filters and I clean them alternately, one every week. It is amazing just how much brown muck comes out of them.
New Fishkeepers / How often should I clean my filter
« Last post by pollydoodle on Yesterday at 05:47:45 PM »
I've had a problem with my filter, all my own fault and sadly lost several fish because of it.

I have read differing advice on how often to clean the filter and wondered what the correct length of time in between cleaning
Introductions and hello's / Re: Hello Derrick - Please introduce yourself!
« Last post by Littlefish on Yesterday at 08:17:45 AM »
Hello @Derrick , and welcome to the forum.  :wave:

It'd great to have someone from South Africa join us.
Please tell us more about your tank. What fish do you have? We'd also love to see some pictures.  ;D
There are a lot of very experienced keepers here on the forum, so between us we should be able to help with any issues, and answer any questions that you have.
I've been keeping fish for around 3 years, and still consider myself quite new. I'm still learning too, and sometimes it can be a bit of a roller coaster ride of emotions, though I've become quite addicted.  :rotfl:

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