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Stocking Advice - Have I Got Room For Some Bottom Dwellers?

Author Topic: Stocking advice - Have I got room for some bottom dwellers?  (Read 5256 times)

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Stocking advice - Have I got room for some bottom dwellers?
« on: November 15, 2014, 08:56:53 PM »
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Hello everyone,
I'm a relative novice at this fishkeeping malarkey. I got a cracking deal on an AquaNano 40 (55L) tank and various paraphernalia. I've added a black sand substrate, 5 different plant species, a bogwood centre piece and I've just started decorating two coconut halves with java moss to add.

I've cycled the tank and getting good water readings. 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite and between 0.1 and 0.25 nitrate consistently. pH is 7.4 and the water is on the harder end of the spectrum.

Over 2 months I've added 4 male Platy (though I suspect one is a swordtail that jumped tanks), 6 X-ray tetras (love how they school - very underrated IMO), 6 Red Cherry Shrimp and 3 Assassin Snails (haven't quite got the feeding regime right and these guys should sort my pond snail problem).

My question is, would I be able to add a/a school of bottom dwellers? I like the shrimp, but my fish are mainly mid/upper level swimmers and would like something at the bottom. Maybe a school of ottos or small cory. I love the look of the Hillstream Loach but don't think my tankmates suit their requirements. Maybe a pitbull pleco? What do you experts think?
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