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Title: Eheim Pick-up filters Review
Post by: Richard W on December 23, 2016, 08:26:20 AM
Several months ago I posted that I was planning to change most of my filters and asked for opinions. In the end, I went for the Eheim Pick-up types on the basis that they were from a reputable manufacturer and not too expensive. After several months of use, I can say that I am very happy with them. At present, six of my nine tanks have them. For the smaller tanks (60 90 litres) I use the 2010, for the larger (120 litres or so) the 2012. While slightly more expensive than the really cheap ones you can get, they are considerably cheaper than most well-known brands, the 2010 at 20.45 and the 2012 at 25.24 from Amazon (

These are essentially very simple filters, just one piece of sponge, but that is fine by me, I have never seen the need for complications with multiple chambers with different media etc., a decent flow rate which is maintained and a large enough piece of sponge are all that is required. In comparison to cheaper filters said to be of the same capacity, these have both a faster flow rate and a much larger piece of sponge. In addition, the flow rate is maintained even when the sponge is in need of cleaning, unlike others I have had which slow down to a trickle after a week or two.

One advantage these have is that the impeller is at the bottom, rather than the usual top. You can lift off the top cover and take out the sponge without taking the whole filter out. In addition, when doing a water change, you can leave the filter running. The flow rate can be changed and in fact at full flow they are really too much for the smaller size tank, the 2010 is said to be for 60 120 litres, the 2012 for 100 200 and I'd say they are easily up to that and more, again unlike the cheaper ones I've had. The direction of the output can be changed, but there is no provision for a spray bar, which in my opinion is not necessary.  They are quite large, much bigger than most of the cheap ones, with four big suckers for firm attachment.

I've wasted a fair bit of money over the years on cheap filters which have been inadequate, clogged rapidly, been difficult to maintain and stopped working after a few months, a false economy. These are much bigger and much more reliable while still being half the price of some other well-known brands. I can thoroughly recommend them and will convert the rest of my tanks to these over the next few weeks.
Title: Re: Eheim Pick-up filters
Post by: fcmf on December 23, 2016, 08:39:18 AM
Thanks, Richard, that's a very interesting and helpful review.
Title: Re: Eheim Pick-up filters
Post by: Littlefish on December 23, 2016, 09:43:02 AM
Very intersting to hear that the impeller is at the bottom and you can remove the sponge from the top. That sounds as if the whole filter maintenance thing could be a lot easier than with some of the internal filters I have.
Title: Re: Eheim Pick-up filters
Post by: Moby on January 30, 2017, 05:07:42 PM
I've used pickup filters in the past and found them very good for a no thrills filter. :isay:
Title: Re: Eheim Pick-up filters Review
Post by: Trekfan on June 02, 2017, 04:53:42 PM
Are they quiet, I'm just about to start my new set up
Title: Re: Eheim Pick-up filters Review
Post by: MarquisMirage on June 04, 2017, 12:24:17 PM
Hi @Trekfan , I've been using one and they are very quiet.  When I first put it in I had to keep checking it was actually working.  One negative thing I've noticed is that the sponge in the smaller one gets dirty quickly so needs cleaning each water change.
Title: Re: Eheim Pick-up filters Review
Post by: Trekfan on June 04, 2017, 03:14:37 PM
Thanks for input
Title: Re: Eheim Pick-up filters Review
Post by: TopCookie on May 12, 2018, 11:31:37 AM
Just to add another +1 for the Eheim Pickup filters... 

I have the smallest Pickup 45, principally to add some additional flow to the tank as the canister filter I have is a bit tame on flow, but also to supplement the actual filtering of the canister filter...  An effective way to increase surface agitation too...!!!

Servicing the Eheim is extra simple and in terms of additional filtration, it does a fantastic job, it has to be said... 

The cost of these fantastic little internal filters is super low and just like @Richard W , I can't recommend them highly enough...