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Siamese Fighting Fish Betta Splendens

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Hello, glad to see you want to register. This is primarily, a free to use forum for people interested in tropical fish. If you want to join you'll need to abide by these easy to follow rules if those are ok,then contact me using an option below with a preferred username and email address and I'll set you up. I'll need a desired username (if one already exists i'll pick a similar one for you) your location city, gender and any other information you'd like me to share with me - facebook url or twitter page perhaps.

You'll need to be over aged 13 and have an interest or curiosity for fish-keeping. We are a nice bunch and have zero tolerance for spammers or horrible people so please bear this in mind. :0)

To begin, hit the standard or express button below and send us your details. Express account setups are accelerated, whereas standard account set ups will take a minimum of 24 hours to attend to.

Due to our emails being rejected by microsoft, we cannot accept registrations from hotmail, 'outlook' or 'live' accounts. They will not work and your request will NOT be processed.

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