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Introductions and hello's / Re: Hey all
« Last post by fcmf on Today at 06:11:34 PM »
Can anyone suggest any aquatic shops in Scotland that are decent?
Whereabouts are you located in Scotland? Fishkeeper Scotland (the tartan franchise of Maidenhead Aquatics) has increasing numbers of stores and I find them very helpful. I would avoid Pets At Home although, when I last visited them a few years ago, there was considerable variation between stores. Many of the independent shops have closed down, or are a little haphazard in their opening hours, so do plenty of checking (eg to see how up-to-date their latest Facebook posts are, etc) before a wasted visit.
Introductions and hello's / Re: Hey all
« Last post by danielson on Today at 09:19:44 AM »
Hey thanks for the words of encouragement  :)

I do think it will look quite good when I'm finished ,
I live next to the sea so I'm hoping I can get lots of free rocks  and there does appear to be lots of limestone which will help with hardness .

I'm going to the order the tank early next week and get it cycling .

Can anyone suggest any aquatic shops in Scotland that are decent ?
I'm still fairly new the area having moved here recently from Manchester because of my job and would like to go see what's what

       danielson  :fishy1:
Another thing to bear in mind is the behaviour of the fish. Some fish dash around (tiger barbs) while others pootle around (harlequins, cichlids). If you have fish that dash around too much, they'll intimidate the harlies and any cichlids you get later.
Of the fish on your list, cardinals are pootlers and probably black neons (they are not actually related to cardinals and neons so I'm not too sure about them). I also don't know about 5 band barbs, someone who has those will be able to tell you. I've had dwarf rainbowfish and they were sort of in between, not mad dashers but more active than my espei's rasboras which are closely related to harlies.
General Fishkeeping Chat / Re: Think Fish Keepers Daily News.
« Last post by Sue on Today at 09:08:28 AM »
I'll have to wait a while to look at the pack. It's in a kitchen drawer and the kitchen is currently full of plumbers fitting a new boiler  ;D

But I still need to cut the end off the glass trip to make it fit and I'm reluctant to buy a tool I'll probably never use again. Once the plumbers have finished, I'll ring my son. He drives a van and with the van already on the drive it would get a bit congested if he came over now  :)
It's possible that Bolivian ram and cockatoo cichlids would work together as pairs in one large tank with plants/rocks etc in so they can define territories.  They come from the same part of the world after all.  Cichlids communicate with each other through colour changes and movement much like humans do... in different languages depending on where they are from.  For this reason I would avoid kribensis if you want to do more than one species as they will speak a different language where "go away" could be interpreted as "food here" which would lead to constant punch ups between them.  I would do some specific research online for cockatoos and Bolivian rams to see if you are comfortable with mixing them. When I upgrade my tank (eventually!) I'm going to try mixing rams and checkerboard cichlids which exist together in the wild.

You have quite a mixed bad of fish there... then again i probably do myself but a few other thoughts...
Harlies, Fiveband barbs (and Tiger Barbs).  I sort of have these in one category in my head. They are all orange and black fish and not very visually distinctive as you say.  I have rationalised this in my mind as tiger barbs are the best looking but can be nippy so avoid, so go fiveband barbs instead, but fivebands only come in one colour whereas tiger barbs are also available in green and gold.  Harlies are smaller so you can have more of them and come in purple (quite readily available) and gold (these might have to be purchased online) - Harlies therefore win in my book.  I would consider mixing the colour types for a super interesting shoal. Again I'll be doing this eventually!

That would let you bump up the number of black neons to match cardinal tetras at 12 which would probably look better in my view.

I've no experience with dwarf raonbowfish but I think it's a good idea if only because they will be visually distinctive as you say. I also try to mix different behaviours of fish as I find this interesting to watch and this would tick this box for me too.

Just my thoughts... on your tank... so feel free to ignore me completely :))
General Fishkeeping Chat / Re: Think Fish Keepers Daily News.
« Last post by Matt on Today at 06:14:22 AM »
Gut feeling is yes it would do glass to plastic, especially if you sanded the surface of the plastic BUT I'm completely guessing at all of this  :(  Does it not say on the packet what it can be used for?
Introductions and hello's / Re: Hey all
« Last post by MarquisMirage on September 19, 2017, 11:59:07 PM »

He says I'm looking at around 30 fish for the tank I'm getting and listed 10 species that are compatible and good first fish by I only want 2 from his list so lots more choosing to do .

It's going to look great.  The colours of the lake Malawi types are almost sea territory and it sounds like you have a large tank planned.  :D  I haven't kept African cichlids (yet, it's on my dream list) so won't be able to give much advice except...  shiny fish!
Fish Community Creator / Re: Restocking a slightly acidic, softer water planted tank
« Last post by Helen on September 19, 2017, 10:46:16 PM »
I'm with you on the lots of fish, fewer species. I previously had Cardinal tetras and gouramis with my harlies.

But I'm trying to make an effort to do something a bit different this time.

And I'm avoiding the gouramis, I've tried a few types and I'm not sure they are robust enough in my tank. Though it is possible that they didn't like the building work. Despite covering the tank during work, there was a lot of dust around for a long time.

General Fishkeeping Chat / Re: Think Fish Keepers Daily News.
« Last post by Sue on September 19, 2017, 10:05:42 PM »
I have tried using silicone on plastic before and it didn't stick  :( Would glass adhesive work on plastic? I have used that before to glue glass together when I broke half the base off a wine glass, and you can hardly see the join.

These are the kind of cover glass supports I found in the box. I was going to try gluing one to each end of the glass strip to support the perspex. Or just glue one end and leave the other loose.
Fish Community Creator / Re: Restocking a slightly acidic, softer water planted tank
« Last post by Sue on September 19, 2017, 09:58:36 PM »
Since you want to have a sizeable shoal of harlequins, how about another big shoal rather than several small ones? I used to be in the 'minimum numbers of lots of species' camp but I have switched to the 'lots of fish of a few species' camp. In my 180 litre I have 2 shoals of about 15 each of espei's rasboras (slender harlequins on here) and Daisy's ricefish. But I know a lot of people do prefer more species than me.

Any of the cichlids would work as bottom fish - just one species. Bolivian rams and kribs need to chose their own mates. The way to do this is to stand quietly in front of the shop tank till the fish forget you are there. Watch them closely. Males will chase other fish away but if a male allows a female to stay nearby without chasing her, get that pair. Cockatoo apistos are harem breeders so they can be kept as 1 male 2 or 3 females.
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