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I thought I'd put my other question in a separate comment: the last one was about stocking levels. This is about fish compatibility.

I've had a few different conversations about how many kuhlis I could have in my tank and also whether kribensis would be ok in my tank with fish from other continents. I realised today that I need to join up these conversations. If I have 14 kuhlis, would they be ok with (and vice versa) a pair of kribensis? I have seen my kuhlis hunting on the substrate. Would  it be carnage in my tank with a breeding pair of kribensis (if I'm so lucky) and so many kuhlis?
It's normally advised to take 10% off your tanks theoretical volume to account for the decor, substrate etc. So this would put you fairly highly stocked.  BItut doable in your low nitrate water if you can keep up with weekly water changes.

Alternatively, it does strike me that harlequins and espeii are relatively similar fish... Could their numbers be reduced to create you some breathing space?

Either way I think your stocking list looks great and it will make for a really interesting tank  :)
So I think I've decided what I'm eventually going to restock my tank with (when I've got the substrate and plants sorted).

My stocking list will be:
1 BN Plec
14 X kuhli loaches
13 X harlequin rasboras
12 X espeii rasboras
6 X five band barbs
6 X dwarf rainbow fish
2 X kribensis

This will take my tank to 89% stocked according to the community creator. I know from past experience, that with my low nitrate, soft water, my heavily planted tank is better balanced with a higher fish stock. But because I can't maintain my tank as frequently as I'd like, I've switched a lot of my plants for slow growing ones. I know this will effect the optimum fish stock level for my tank.

I've also read (several times) the article that suggests that the community creator uses different (more generous?) stocking calculations to most other sources.

The other thing I'm not so clear about is which figure the 'tank volume' actually refers to. Is it the volume of water in the tank, or the volume of the tank itself. Ie, I have a 240l tank, but I'm in the process of removing a large amount of substrate. So where I used to have 170l of water, I'm not really sure how much more water I will have when I start restocking fish.

So taking into account plants and additional water I will have in my tank, is my proposed stocking level ok?
Tetra Fish / Re: BIG TETRA - what are the largest tetras?
« Last post by Cod_only_knows on Today at 10:55:15 PM »
Silver dollars?
Gallery Showcase / Re: Matt's 64 litre tank
« Last post by Matt on Today at 10:54:14 PM »
You might have noticed an addition to my tank in my signature...

 ;D  Gobies!!  ;D

More accurately... Stiphodon semoni, the Cobolt Blue Goby.

Pictures to follow in the morning when everyone is a little more settled in. Algae wafer went down a treat this evening though so I've got high hopes for them both. I got them from Maidenhead aquatics in Wigan which is a recent discovery. The tropical fish section is HUGE. Much bigger than in any other store I've visited more locally, plus the staff are really friendly, and real fish people rather than just sales people. Thanks to being right next to the M6 it also doesn't take me any longer to get too. 

In other news I've also had a bit of a rearrange in the tank.  :yikes:
It was quite a spur of the moment thing following one of my regular deep cleans when the wood comes out of the tank and rocks are moved out of the way so everything can be thoroughly gravel vacced. Basically I have split one part of the wood away from the rest (it was always three pieces) and pushed all the wood into the corners meaning there is now more open swimming space for the fish. So rather than an island layout I now have a more traditional ' U shape' aquascaping layout ( for those of you into aquascaping ;) ). 
I will admit that I probably preferred the look of the tank originally but the fish definitely prefer the new look. The contrast of hiding spaces and open areas has given them much more confidence and I see a lot more of the fish now.  Clearly the old addage that if you give the fish more hiding spaces they will spend more time out in the open is very true.  The otto which normally only gets seen once in a blue moon is now out every evening.  I believe I have also created more opportunity for territories to be formed for the rams and gobys which is also keeping them happier.  So the new look is here to stay. I'll post pictures soon, possibly next weekend, it's not quite camera ready yet  ::)
I am planning to take things a step further soon too as even before I changed the layout, I really wanted to get rid of the marble pebbles and instead move to dragon stone. I have now also realised that this rock with its "pot holed" texture will be brilliant for the gobys to provide further hiding places/places to rest and more surface area for algae to grow.

Oh and I think I might be getting a 220l aquaoak for Xmas!...  :cheers:
General Fishkeeping advice / Re: What else to keep with juvenile Angels
« Last post by Madtony on Today at 08:51:19 PM »
At last :)
               I've decided to buy 10 South American Red Eyes to go with my Angels
and if it all kicks off in my tank I'll just blame everybody on here  :yikes:

NO!! Only joking  ;) ;D ;D :cheers:
General Fishkeeping advice / Re: What else to keep with juvenile Angels
« Last post by Sue on Today at 07:10:28 PM »
That's the trouble with common names  :)

Red eye tetra

African red eye tetra

As you'll see in those links, the south American one is the smaller of the two and is suitable for your tank. The African one is bigger, and needs a bigger tank than you have.
General Fishkeeping Chat / Re: Think Fish Keepers Daily News.
« Last post by fcmf on Today at 06:30:19 PM »
A positive ammonium test this week, for the first time in 3 years - 0.1 or 0.2. The tank clean was done on the 8th day as last week's had been done a day earlier than usual. However, this wouldn't have accounted for it. The culprit was soon identified - I'd done such a good job of hiding the snail food from the fish, and the snail had been sleeping most of the week, that it had been decomposing in his little clay pot. I put some fresh food in yesterday and see that he's buried himself among it. If he doesn't move off it overnight, I'm going to move him so that I can dispose of what's left of his food - certainly don't want another occurrence of ammonia!
General Fishkeeping advice / Re: What else to keep with juvenile Angels
« Last post by Madtony on Today at 05:25:28 PM »
Oooo! don't confuse me Mark  :yikes:
I take it you mean the South American Red Eyes as opposed to the African ones...
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