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Gallery Showcase / Re: Matt's 64 litre tank
« Last post by Sue on November 20, 2017, 09:49:01 PM »
My 5 get half an Omega One veggie round, crushed to small bits, once a day. Of course they may also eat the sinking pellets and flakes I feed the other fish. And then there's all the algae that grows in my tank. They seem to do well on whatever it is they are actually eating. I've had 4 or my 5 about a year so they are eating something  :)
Provided you do feed something veggie or there is algae in your tank they should be OK.
Gallery Showcase / Re: Matt's 64 litre tank
« Last post by fcmf on November 20, 2017, 08:58:17 PM »
Very cute.

Looking forward to seeing the female too, once she's settled in.
Gallery Showcase / Re: Matt's 64 litre tank
« Last post by Matt on November 20, 2017, 07:48:15 PM »
@Sue Yes the photos are all of the male,  I have a female as well but she is incredibly shy at the moment and whilst she does occasionally come out of her hidey hole, it hasn't been long enough for me to get a decent picture.. yet...    I'm just hopeful she is funding enough to eat whilst she is settling in  :-\
Fish Identification / Re: Is this a baby false Julli Cory
« Last post by Sue on November 20, 2017, 06:48:01 PM »
It is very common for shops to false jullis (trilneatus) as real juliis. Yet another reason to check everyhint they say  ;)
What's going on at Thinkfish / Re: Using Descriptive Post Titles in Forum Posts
« Last post by fcmf on November 20, 2017, 06:32:47 PM »
Just giving this thread another "bump" as a general reminder and for the benefit of our new forum users. [I've been amending some thread titles over the past few days, so that it's easier to work out what they're specifically about but hopefully folk can make their own forum post titles more descriptive as they create them.] C:-)
Introductions and hello's / MOVED: RO - is it really necessary?
« Last post by fcmf on November 20, 2017, 06:28:00 PM »
This topic has been moved from "Intro and Hellos" to "Fishtank Filtration and Cycling", as it's connected with water chemistry.  C:-)
General Fishkeeping advice / Re: Best test kit?
« Last post by fcmf on November 20, 2017, 06:22:34 PM »
Iíve used a variety of test kits over the years.

For nitrate and nitrite, I struggle to read the liquid-based test kit results, irrespective of brand; Iím currently using Waterlife but plan to try JBL next time as I find their products very easy to use. I always cross-check nitrate and nitrite liquid-based tests with test strips (either Tetra or JBL) as I find them much easier to read.

For ammonia/ammonium, I use JBL which Iím happy with Ė and itís possible to buy refills rather than an entire new kit. I also bought API ammonia strips but find the liquid-based JBL kit easier to read.

For GH and KH, I currently use Tetra and API respectively, although any of the brands Iíve tried before have been fine / easy to use and decipher. A useful tip, which I picked up from Sue, if your reading is borderline/difficult to decipher, is to test 10ml rather than 5ml, then half the overall number of drops required. For example, for my low KH, I find that 3 drops are usually required in the 10ml to produce the colour change, equating to 1.5 drops for 5ml and therefore a KH of 1.5. I find that the test strips (both the aforementioned brands) give an inflated GH reading while the KH reading is difficult to decipher but seems to be inflated too, in comparison with what I would expect from my water company details.

For PH, I currently use JBL. I tend to find any of the liquid-based kits err slightly on the inflated side, while the test strips err on the lower side of what I might expect from my water company details.

The test strips have the added advantage of a chlorine test on them.

Hope thatís helpful.
Fish Identification / Re: Is this a baby Julli Cory
« Last post by Rustle on November 20, 2017, 05:34:02 PM »
Do have have true julii, because nearly all 'julii' are trilineatus. If you bought real julii they would have been very expensive.

After doing a little research it looks like they are false julli cory. I am new to this so I just go by what they say on the tanks but I am learning thanks to Sue and everybody on here.

Thank you for pointing this out to me It's something else I now know  :)
General Fishkeeping Chat / Re: SAND - views on playsand for the aquarium?
« Last post by Sue on November 20, 2017, 04:44:25 PM »
Play sand, provided it is not white play sand, is highly recommended for aquariums. It is fine, smooth and cannot contain anything nasty that would poison children if they eat a mouthful of it. It is cheaper than "aquarium sand" and is equally as good for fish tanks. But like "aquarium sand" it will contain dust which will need to be washed out before use.

White sand, whether play sand or intended for any other use, is not recommended for aquariums. The glare from the tank lights reflecting off white sand is not appreciated by fish. And it shows every speck of mess.
General Fishkeeping Chat / SAND - views on playsand for the aquarium?
« Last post by Madtony on November 20, 2017, 02:51:52 PM »
 :blank:Some views please on using children's play sand in aquariums.
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