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Gallery Showcase / Re: The Cookie Crew
« Last post by Helen on Today at 01:53:47 PM »
I actually have a potassium test kit. I just need to find the time to use it!
The Emergency Room / Re: Fish dying, high GH.
« Last post by daveyng on Today at 01:11:12 PM »
Itís been very hot lately. Is the tank temperature higher than usual. This may be an issue as the Guppies / Corys prefer fairly cool temperatures. High temperatures will also deplete oxygen levels in the tank.
Gallery Showcase / Re: Matt's pond
« Last post by daveyng on Today at 01:06:24 PM »
Itís MPG (maximum ponds per garden) !!!!
Gallery Showcase / Re: Matt's pond
« Last post by TopCookie on Today at 12:16:16 PM »
These guys are making me want a pond now...  that's definitely one up from MTS...   :D
The Emergency Room / Re: Fish dying, high GH.
« Last post by TopCookie on Today at 12:15:08 PM »
  What fcmf said   :D
Well done Miss Doodle...  Exciting times ahead...   :D
Gallery Showcase / Re: Matt's pond
« Last post by fcmf on Today at 12:12:33 PM »
This is beyond exciting...  :cheers:  :fishy1:   8)
The Emergency Room / Re: Fish dying, high GH.
« Last post by fcmf on Today at 11:54:47 AM »
@Cinders, I've just clicked on your profile and see that you're in Salisbury in Wiltshire. Therefore, it looks as though you should be able to establish what your water quality ought to be from where it shows you can input your postcode to find out your water quality and hardness. Let us know from that what it ought to be, then we can work out whether it has suddenly risen (which would be of concern) or actually is hard (but somehow you'd mistakenly thought it was soft or had been using something which softened it and led you to believe it was soft).

If your water hardness does turn out to be hard, then Littlefish's suggestions will help point you in the right direction of potentially suitable fish from now on, which you can cross-check with the Fish Profiles on here and the more specific ones at which will help determine the fish whose requirements match those of your tap water.

Edited to add:

As an example postcode for Salisbury, I typed in the High St's Post Office's postcode and it brings up these results - the water is hard there at 15.22 dH (degrees German) or 272 ppm (calcium carbonate). Therefore, cross-checking this with the fish profiles for your fish on Seriously Fish, your expected water hardness oughtn't to be a problem for your guppies but would be too high for otos and a bit higher than the range for many cories.

Following on from this, I'm actually wondering if something else might account for the fish deaths such as an ammonia spike - it would be really worthwhile getting a liquid-based ammonia testing kit so that you can keep an eye on those levels. It may be that they rose for whatever reason eg a fatality in the tank, a missed water change or too vigorously cleaning the filter media and thus losing some beneficial bacteria. This may also account for the unusual 0 nitrate reading ie possibly a mini-cycle is underway.

Hope that helps.
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