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The Emergency Room / Re: Golden Ram not eating ( hiding amoungst the plants )
« Last post by Matt on July 22, 2018, 08:18:12 PM »
One tactic you could try (especially if you are taking down the tank shortly) is rearranging the tank decorate to disrupt and territories that have formed and encourage them to 'start over'. If you removed the fish during this process and separated them before bringing them back together in the freshly arranged tank, this would help also.  It is entirely possible that the fish will resume their prior pecking order though.

What is your water hardness? as you appear to have a mix of soft water fish (rams) and hard water fish (guppies)
The Emergency Room / Re: Golden Ram not eating ( hiding amoungst the plants )
« Last post by Sue on July 22, 2018, 07:21:12 PM »
You do seem to have a mixture of rams  :)

There are 2 species of ram.
Mikrogeophagus ramirezi is the ram. Blue rams, gold rams, german rams, balloon rams, angel rams are all just varieties of this one species.
Mikrogeophagus altispinosus is the Bolivian ram. There is only one type of Bolvian ram as far as I know, though I have seen them called royal rams, and they are incredibly difficult to sex until they breed.

The dwarf ram is probably just a fancy name for M. ramirezi that a shop thought up. There are no extra small rams, just those 2 species.

More than one male of either species - that is 2 or more male M. ramirezi, or two or more M. altispinosus are likely to fight. Just one each of both species should be OK especially in a larger tank.
Females should be OK together.
But a breeding pair could well take exception to every other fish that lives on the bottom of the tank.
And a male and female that have not bonded could end up fighting. Rams of both species (like lots of other cichlids) need to choose their own mates. It's like with humans, a man and a woman might not like each other, and would not get along together.

When you do set up the 5 foot, do you intend keeping the current tank running? if you don't, just move the decor, including plants if you have any, over to the new tank, 'persuade' the current filter media to fit inside the new tank's filter (sponges can be cut up to make them fit) then move the fish over. If you have sand in your current tank, move that over as well, and add more.
If you have gravel at the moment, can I suggest you get sand for the new tank. Rams of both species and cories will be much happier. They feed by taking a mouthful of sand, sifting it for food, then passing it out through their gills. I once had a pair of bonded Bolivian rams and the female got a piece of gravel stuck in her throat, and she wasted away. It was awful watching the male - he kept snugging up to her in a pitiful way and once the female died, he too pined away.
Play sand (since you are in Scotland, try Argos or B&Q) is perfect and cheaper than aquarium sand from the fish shop.

Once everything is in the new tank, and you have your test kit, monitor ammonia and nitrite every day for a week or so to make sure they both stay at zero. If they don't you'll need to do a water change to get down to zero. Though you already know about using mature media for cycling  :)
When you are sure they are staying at zero you can get more fish. Ideally the first  you should get are more cardinals, rasboras and cories of the same species. Personally I would rehome the serpaes as they are nasty nippy fish. I had some years ago for a couple of weeks then they went back to the shop as every other fish in the tank had bits missing.
In a 5 foot tank you will have room for 10 or more of the tetras rasboras and cories and still have plenty room for other species.

I have the API test kit.
You can also find your water hardness somewhere on your water company's website. You need the number and the unit as they could use any one of half a dozen units.
Introductions and hello's / Re: Howdi from Scotland !
« Last post by Littlefish on July 22, 2018, 07:07:24 PM »
Hello and welcome :wave:

Great to hear that you've got back into fish keeping, and that your other half is joining in.  :)

Large pieces of wood - try Gumtree and ebay.
If you can't find anything you like there, contact Aquarium Gardens and ask them the size of their largest pieces. I'm not 100% sure about bogwood, but I saw some huge pieces of driftwood there last week. They may also be able to get hold of what you want from their suppliers.

I hope that you plan to provide us with lots of pics of your tank as you are setting it up, we love pics.  ;D
Introductions and hello's / Re: Howdi from Scotland !
« Last post by daveyng on July 22, 2018, 07:02:38 PM »
Hi Norie and welcome to the forum. I would love to have room for a tank that big. It should be fun stocking it.
Introductions and hello's / Re: New member , new Aquarium
« Last post by norie_uk on July 22, 2018, 06:55:47 PM »
Hi Andy can confirm bristlenose plecs crap is longer than the fish itself lol  :rotfl:

If you can find someone with used media will help the cycle process !
Introductions and hello's / Re: Howdi from Scotland !
« Last post by fcmf on July 22, 2018, 06:33:33 PM »
Welcome, Norie!  :wave: Glad that your partner is sharing the fishkeeping hobby. I'm very envious of a 5-foot tank!
The Emergency Room / Re: Golden Ram not eating ( hiding amoungst the plants )
« Last post by fcmf on July 22, 2018, 06:31:57 PM »
P.s can you suggest a test kit as i see fish keepers posting numbers about water conditions but not sure what kit they use..
Liquid-based test kits seem to be more reliable than paper-based test strips. Many people find the API Masterkit the best value, often found at good rates on e-bay. Personally, I have a mix of different brands but find JBL tests easy to use and read although I don't have its Combiset.
Introductions and hello's / Howdi from Scotland !
« Last post by norie_uk on July 22, 2018, 06:17:52 PM »
Hi gang been registered a little while without posting until today asking for advice on a sick fish so better give a little info about me.. I got back into fish keeping maybe about 3months ago previously my passion was/is plecs/catfish.. Now I'm married snd the Mrs liked the look of pretty fish i thought i can have both hehe..  previously i had zebras royal mango ples to name a few ( can't believe a zebra plec is now over 100 ) so whilst getting some fish she likes ive been getting a couple of plecs.. current tank is 120l but just got a 522foot 450litre although it may actually hold more.. just starting to get all the gear together for this beast of a tank ! Main focus is a large centre piece of bogwood if anyone knows where i can get a piece let me know..

Tc & Happy fish keeping !
The Emergency Room / Re: Golden Ram not eating ( hiding amoungst the plants )
« Last post by norie_uk on July 22, 2018, 05:54:43 PM »
Hi Sue and thx for the very detailed & informative reply..  apologies for calling them he as it was a figure of speech.. so after checking and looking up online i think in actual fact i got 3 males and 1 female ( i think )..  blue / bolivian and im pretty sure the other is called a dwarf ram but i can't find much info about it.. the golden is female.. I bought a 5foot tank recently that I'm about to set up but not got all the stuff for it yet.. i may get a small quarintine tank to put the golden ram in.. regards to the temp my other fish seem fine with it..

My fish..

5 cardinals
5 scissor tail rasboras
5 serpae tetras
4 guppies
4 rams
3 plecs
3 albino corys

Hence the reason for the 5 foot tank !

P.s can you suggest a test kit as i see fish keepers posting numbers about water conditions but not sure what kit they use..

Thx again..
Introductions and hello's / Re: New member , new Aquarium
« Last post by Sue on July 22, 2018, 04:23:18 PM »
Yes they do  :)
Most fish from south America and Asia prefer soft water, as do some river fish from Africa. The areas to avoid are central America - which includes most livebearers - and the Rift Lakes in Africa.

The best site for researching fish is That will tell you the tank size and water parameters any particular species needs. Some profiles give the hardness as dH (your german degree value) and others as ppm, which is the same as mg/l CaCO3.

You have plenty time to play with the Community Creator, and to run your shortlist on here.
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