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Fish Health / Re: Gourami hole in fin - to quarantine or no?
« Last post by Lynne W on Today at 08:24:32 AM »
 :'( sad new my beautiful girl didn't make it. Came down this morning and she's away. Totally gutted, think I left it too long before trying to do anything for her and she got secondary infection of fungus by the looks of it and also really swollen bellow, so assuming dropsy? At least she didn't linger too long.

Note to self act quicker next time.

Thanks for all your advice.

General Fishkeeping Chat / Re: Think Fish Keepers Daily News.
« Last post by Sue on Yesterday at 02:33:38 PM »
I tested for ammonia and nitrite this morning, and found the ammonia colour was between the zero and 0.25 shades. I was a bit worried that removing so many plants would result in this. But there were no Malaysian trumpet snails crawling up the glass, the nerites were not trying to escape and the shrimps were pottering about as usual so I didn't panic.
After lunch I tested again and got zero ammonia. But I still did a small water change (1 bucket instead of 7.5) because of the bits of hornwort leaf all over the sand.

I can see my fish now, they aren't lurking in a barely lit tank under all that foliage. I am quite surprised that the rasboras are still out and about as I expected them to panic with less cover over them.
The rice fish are responding to the combination of water change followed by food - the males have darkened and are chasing the females. Maybe they like a brighter tank  ;D
Tiger Barb / Re: How many tigers?
« Last post by Littlefish on Yesterday at 12:45:25 PM »
I have a total of 25 tiger barbs, a mix of standard, green, and gold. I don't have anything else in the tank, which is a Fluval Romma 200.
It's the first tank I replanted with @Matt and this weekend I'll be giving the plants a trim, replacing the moss on one of the caves, and posting some more pics.
Although most of the fish are quite young, when they grow the tank will look full. They are also very active, so I'm happy to have just them in a tank, as there is always enough going on to be entertaining.
I'm tempted to put some nerite snails in with them, as I don't have any nerites in any of my tanks. Perhaps some of the horned ones, to make sure they can defend themselves against any possibility of nipping from the fish.
Rainbowfish / Re: Sulky male Boesemans Rainbowfish
« Last post by Sue on Yesterday at 12:04:30 PM »
Boesemans are big fish. I would ignore AqAdvisor and go with more knowledgable sites which give 120 cm as the minimum length. I would not like to see a 10 cm, fast swimming fish in less than this.
Rainbowfish / Re: Sulky male Boesemans Rainbowfish
« Last post by Loubaa on Yesterday at 11:58:59 AM »
Looks like a bigger tank. Aquadvisor suggests 90cm as a minimum - what do you think?
Tiger Barb / Re: How many tigers?
« Last post by Loubaa on Yesterday at 11:55:01 AM »
BTW Littlefish, do you have any other fish with your tigers? How many are there in your tank?
Tiger Barb / Re: How many tigers?
« Last post by Loubaa on Yesterday at 11:53:13 AM »
Thanks. I'll get another 6 and rehome my rainbows as soon as I can. Having said I can't get a bigger tank, I found myself browsing for 240 litre tanks this morning!
Invertebrates - Shrimps and Snails / Re: Suitable-sized tank for snails & shrimps
« Last post by Matt on November 16, 2018, 11:38:45 PM »
Their breeding activity slows down significantly in colder temps too... my nano with them in is coldwater.
Invertebrates - Shrimps and Snails / Re: Suitable-sized tank for snails & shrimps
« Last post by TopCookie on November 16, 2018, 11:34:41 PM »
What a brill notion...!!!  I wouldn't mind a snails & shrimps only tank...!!!  The Red Nerites are now laying eggs like they're facing a snail apocalypse or something, lol, so wouldn't mind getting them out from the main tank...!!!  A smaller tank up in the old Cookmeister's office would actually be a treat...  :D
Gallery Showcase / Re: The Cookie Crew
« Last post by TopCookie on November 16, 2018, 11:26:42 PM »
Excellent...  Blimey...!!!  I didn't know that they do flower...  That stem is growing at the rate of around one inch per day, maybe even more...!!!  It just suddenly appeared and is streaking across the tank like an Olympic athlete...!!!  :D 

Thanks @fcmf   :)   I should get a better pic really, showing the whole tank...  just gutted at the number or pesky micro ramshorns, lol...!!!  So pleased about the algae thing now - it was really bad at one point and looked horrific...!!!  Now, the biggest thing is still trying to strike the right balance of feeding so that the algae dependent boys n girls don't munch on the plant leaves so much, whilst at the same time avoid overfeeding the tank and encouraging the pest snails...  I'm fairly sure it's largely about striking the balance between protein based foods and algae/vegetable based foods etc...  Lol, I'll get there one of these days...!!!  :D 
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