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Fishtank Filtration and Cycling / Re: Is it actually dolomite gravel?
« Last post by Nan on Yesterday at 07:42:51 PM »
Hmmm. Well, I don't leave them sitting out. So it's not that. Haven't tested anything else again (been crazy busy today) but I'll check again in the morning. It could be that the gravel is just gravel and not doing anything at all.

Fishtank Filtration and Cycling / Re: Is it actually dolomite gravel?
« Last post by Sue on Yesterday at 07:33:03 PM »
I dry them so that anything dissolved in the water is removed. If they air dry, any deposits will still be on the glass. I use a paper tissue (the kind for blowing your nose on). I take one corner and twist it round till it fits in the tube, then push it in and twist the tube round on it till it's dry.

I always wash tubes immediately after reading them and making a note of the number. Nitrite in particular stains the tube if left. I empty the tube and rinse it 3 times. Then I half fill, shake it well and empty 3 or 4 times. Then let it drain a couple of minutes and use the tissue. The lids are rinsed under the tap for about 20 seconds, then drained and dried.
Fishtank Filtration and Cycling / Re: Is it actually dolomite gravel?
« Last post by Nan on Yesterday at 07:22:32 PM »
I wash them in screaming hot water, and then let them air dry. Should I use the towels?
Fishtank Filtration and Cycling / Re: Is it actually dolomite gravel?
« Last post by Sue on Yesterday at 09:48:33 AM »
Just to check - you do wash the test tubes well, then dry them by poking a paper towel/tissue inside? And the lids.
Fishtank Filtration and Cycling / Re: Is it actually dolomite gravel?
« Last post by Nan on Yesterday at 09:43:04 AM »
Yeah, that threw me, too. They are both Mason canning jars. They had been previously used, so I thought perhaps they might not be clean, and I washed them out with very hot water and started over. I also rinsed the beejeezus out of the gravel. I also have a second sample of gravel from the same company, so I may set that one up today too, just for curiosity's sake.

I had known about the C02, but not about the anti-corrosives. It's just interesting that I could get two such wildly different readings 48 hours apart, out of the same tap at the same time of the evening, after having let the water run for a bit.  I am going to test it again in a few minutes, just to see if perhaps the light was playing tricks on my eyes.
Fishtank Filtration and Cycling / Re: Is it actually dolomite gravel?
« Last post by Sue on May 20, 2019, 09:59:39 PM »
The pH of freshly run water and water that's been allowed to stand is rarely the same - that's why I suggested the container of plain water to test alongside the dolomite water.

The pH can change up or down on standing. Water with a lot of carbon dioxide dissolved it in has a lower pH when fresh than when allowed to stand. CO2 makes water acidic, but it gasses out on standing so the pH rises. And with acidic water, water companies often add something to increase the pH so that a low acidic pH doesn't corrode their pipes. Again, these things gas out over a few hours so the pH goes down.

The pH of the same type of water (fresh or stood) should remain constant from day to day - unless the water company has changed something.

But I have no idea why the plain water was more basic than the dolomite water  ???
Are the two containers the same? Could one be made of something that's affecting the pH? (picture me grasping at straws.....)
General Fishkeeping Chat / Re: Think Fish Keepers Daily News.
« Last post by fcmf on May 20, 2019, 09:14:27 PM »
I do empathise with you, @Matt - your harlequins are the same age as my own and my x-ray tetras, give or take a few months on either side, so a similar stage in life.  The ulcer wound with secondary fungus growth is something that one of my female x-ray tetras had and one of my harlequins has intermittently, but, in your case, it's more widespread/extensive and the fish has additional difficulties post-eating. All the very best for when the inevitable happens, whether that's through nature taking its course or you providing a helping hand when the time dictates.

Fishtank Filtration and Cycling / Re: Is it actually dolomite gravel?
« Last post by Nan on May 20, 2019, 09:05:50 PM »
A few moments ago I thought I'd test the jar of water that I put the supposed dolomite chips in four days ago, and it came out more basic. (A noticeable color difference.) So I tested the water in the control jar and it also came out more basic than the tank water, and more basic than the water with the dolomite chips. (Noticeably so.)  I emptied the test tubes, washed everything, and tried again. Same result.

So I had another bucket of water that has sat out for 24 hours and it's down just around 6-ish. Ok, pwew, as that's what went in at the last water change. Double-checked the tank, 6-ish. All is good there.

So I checked the tap water. Straight out of the tap tonight it's turning the testing solution green - well into the 7 range, which it's never done before. So the question - does tap water change Ph that much from day to day? Or an I losing my mind?

I'm going to take the chips out and rinse them off in the "6" water and then put them in a fresh jar of water, and leave a jar of the same water for control.  Maybe it's the light - I finally opened a window and held the test tube and the color chart out there, as it seems that all our "inside" lights are LED. It was still showing up like that, though. (The higher Ph in the tap, the "dolomite" and the control.)
General Fishkeeping Chat / Re: Think Fish Keepers Daily News.
« Last post by Matt on May 20, 2019, 08:25:14 PM »
Well after 4 years and nearly 4 months, the last of my 4 Harlequin rasboras (first fish I ever bought) are soon to pass. The last one has developed an ulcer wound thing which also has a secondary fungus growth. The fish also has fungus growth elsewhere on its body.  It was swimming upside down for short periods after eating earlier too... so I have taken the call that things are too far gone to stress the fish with further treatment and so it's time looks unfortunately like it is nearly up... as soon as the point comes when the fish no longer evades capture, I will do the humane thing.

Sad but I am happy the fish has had a good life and taught me a lot about being a good fishkeeper too. It went through fish-in cycling unfortunately along with its long deceased friends, but after that point it's life has been good.

Feels like the end of an era... I look forward to what the next period might bring.
Understood. I am also using plant tabs, but they are buried in the substrate in the back, near the plants. (Tropica Nutrition Capsules for Aquariums. It says it contains both nitrogen, phosphorus, iron and micro nutrients. )

The substrate, Eco-complete, advertises "contains volcanic basalt incorporating over 30 different elements. This substrate has all the mineral nutrients necessary for luxuriant aquatic plant growth without nuisance algae. It is also rich in iron to eliminate the need for messy laterites. Features: Flora-Spore Root Enhancement Symbionts; No rinsing; Packed in water conditioning solution for immediate results."  I've never used anything like that before. No chance that has been messing with the process? For the first several days after the tank was set up we noticed a sort of slight filmy growth on the substrate, and along the bottom of the sides of the tank, but only where there was substrate.

The ammonia in the big tank tonight is at about 1, so still very safe. No nitrites, no nitrates. Going to move Big Bertha the cory over tomorrow, and see how that goes. We are getting a bit of nitrites in the little tank now.

The guy I'm taking the water to really seems to know his stuff, so he'll be thorough, I'm thinking. I will bring up the phosphorus thing with him, for sure.
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