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  1. How Many MTS do I need
  2. Pregnant shrimp?
  3. Wood shrimp or Amano shrimp?
  4. amano shrimp and pygmy cories?
  5. Amazing Amanos
  6. Invertebrates and soft water
  7. Just sharing my new shrimp adventure
  8. Home for shrimp?
  9. Amano shrimp
  10. Amano shrimps - doing my homework/research pre-buying
  11. Another miracle only this time a shrimp
  12. A female Shrimp has aborted their eggs again. Why? SOLVED.
  13. Zebra Nerite Snails & Kusuri Wormer Plus
  14. Shrimps - advice re transparent shrimp in bag of fish
  15. Lost the will to keep shrimp 😢
  16. How soon before you can tell the colour a cherry shrimp will be?
  17. Baby cherry shrimp
  18. Red Onion Nerite on its back.
  19. Shrimp Diseases & Treatments
  20. Shrimps & snails eating dead/dying fish?
  21. Can different Nerite species interbreed?
  22. Amano Shrimp
  23. Cause of Differences in Malaysian Trumpet Snails
  24. Shrimp with skin shedding problems.
  25. Feeding Assassin Snails
  26. Freakiest thing I've ever seen!
  27. Can snails get whitespot?
  28. Rescued my baby shrimp
  29. Help Breeding Red Cherry Shrimp
  30. Random Malaysian Trumpet Snail...I Think.
  31. Shrimp? General advice on choice & care
  32. My little miracle snail has gone
  33. Sexing Cherry Shrimps
  34. The last shrimp
  35. What kind of snail is this
  36. Baby Shrimp?
  37. White algae/fungus growing
  38. New owner
  39. Apple Snails
  40. Shrimpery Water Change Frequency
  41. Snail still seems to be alive
  42. Mail order shrimp
  43. Feeding Shrimp Beta Glucans
  44. Fish and shrimp together
  45. Shrimp with a line down its back
  46. Pregnant amano shrimp
  47. Can I hope that Tiger Barbs might ignore shrimp?
  48. R.I.P Little snail
  49. RCS and moulting
  50. Things to do before buying shrimp