~~Apache's Weekly Updates!~~

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~~Apache's Weekly Updates!~~
« on: October 09, 2018, 10:11:47 PM »
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~~Apache's Weekly Update 9/10/18~~

:fishy1:New Additions :fishy1:
The 190 has had some interesting inhabitants, that are used for (pest)snail control. Before you all comment; not another clown loach! they aren't, they are another, smaller and I dare say prettier member of the botia family. 2 Zebra, or as I like to call them, Candy Stripe Loaches! Inspired from the latest issue of PFK (With the flowerhrorn on the front!).

**I forgot to mention this in the daily news thread but my sister picked out and named a stunning red dwarf gourami, known as Robbie! He is definitely not rotton, a perfect addition to my community!
Also the number of Neons has increased to provide not only a stunning look but hopefully will make my khuli loaches and glass catfish more confident to show their faces every now and then!**

Another new species was also added to the 190L was a trio of Blue Rams! They are stunning little fish and we have a male and two females that were in the shop for around 2 weeks as a trio and ate as soon as I released them into the aquarium after 'drip' acclimation using a syringe. I have also applied to do work experience at the LFS and fingers crossed, a part time job, but who knows!

:fishy1:190L Community Spotlight :fishy1:
The first spotlight goes to the oldest inhabitants and my personal favourite when I was young, the Bronze Corydoras, Corydoras Aeneus. I have 4 of them. 3 males and a female, Big Bertha. I remember going to the LFS and asking my dad for some bronze catfish, and that sparked my interest for Corydoras, and catfish on the whole. They have successfully laid eggs in the past but none were fertile  :-\ but they wouldn't have lasted in the community tank, as the fry would be lunch!
They often appear out of nowhere when food is dropped in and they will eat just about everything. A real beginner friendly fish and a catfish that doesn't hide until you poke it!

Shrimpery Update
Not much has been going on with the shrimp at the moment but they always come out for feeding time. No shrimplets yet, but fingers crossed! The embers are getting along nicely, and one has only one eye! It manages to compete for food surprisingly well.

I shall add some pictures to my Flickr album which can be found here!

Thats it for this weeks update, and the first time writing in this style, so constructive feedback is much appreciated!

Thanks for reading,
 :fishy1: Apache :fishy1:

*Current Stocking*
Updates in bold!

190 Litre Planted Community
  • 8 silvertip tetras
  • 1 golden barb (was accidentally given us and shoals with everyting)
  • 4 black neons
  • 15 neons
  • 10 Khuli loaches
  • 4 Bronze corydoras
  • 4 Julii corydoras
  • 2 BN plecs
  • 1 pearl gourami
  • 6 Glass Catfish
  • 3 African Glass Catfish
  • 3 Rummy Nose Tetras
  • 3 Whiptail catfish
  • 2 Candy Striped or Zebra Loaches
  • 1 Male Dwarf Gourami - Robbie
  • 1 male and 2 female German Blue Rams

37L Shrimpery
  • 8 Ember Tetras
  • Red Cherry Shrimp
  • 1 Tiger Shrimp (only one ive been able to find anywhere!!)

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