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List Of Members Willing To Donate Mature Media For Cycling

Author Topic: List of Members Willing to Donate Mature Media for Cycling  (Read 1178 times)

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List of Members Willing to Donate Mature Media for Cycling
« on: October 11, 2016, 07:47:10 PM »
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When cycling a tank (especially the filter), by both fishless and fish-in cycling, it is a long process taking several weeks. One way to shorten the duration is by using media from a mature filter to seed the new filter. This does not cycle the new tank instantly but it shortens the duration of the cycle considerably. After the donated media is placed in the new filter, the method for the chosen type of cycling should still be followed.
The mature media can be of any type. Sponges can be cut up to make them fit the new filter; ceramic media and bioballs can be placed in a mesh bag. The mature media should be placed first in the direction of water flow so that loose bacteria are carried into the new media.
Filter squeezings can also be used, though these are not effective as media. These are the dirty water produced when media from a mature filter is washed in old tank water, and they do contain some bacteria.

Below is a list of members willing to donate mature media, either by post or by collection in person. The region is given for collection. Also included is the type of media available.
It is polite practice to offer the donor some new media in exchange for the mature media.

The following members can be contacted by the forum's message system.

SueCleveland (England)sponge, ceramic balls
Andy the minion            Lanarkshiresponge, filter floss
PaddycFalkirksponge, ceramic, bioballs
Littlefish       South Cambridgeshire              sponge, ceramics

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