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Fishless Cycling Problem

Author Topic: Fishless cycling problem  (Read 24543 times)

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Fishless cycling problem
« on: January 25, 2017, 09:00:24 PM »
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Hi All

Am new to site but having an issue in my fishless cycle. Got artificial plants and some ornaments in tank with a sand substrate. Started on 7th Jan, used Prime to dechlorinate the water and then on 8th added 3ppm of ammonia. My PH is 7.0. On the 21st ammonia was below 0.75ppm but no nitrites. After speaking to some people they suggested topping up ammonia to 3ppm and put some Tetra Start Up in just to try and give it a kick but as of today ammonia is about 1.10ppm , still no nitrites and nitrates have stayed at 2.5ppm all the way along. My water is soft and Gh is 4.2 or 75ppm and KH is 60ppm according to water board. I understand this is quite low.
Could this be holding up the nitrites appearing? Would some bicarb of soda help? Or anything else I could do?
Any help much appreciated.

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