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  1. Help! Need advice, please?
  2. Red spot near Gill
  3. Neon tetras have white areas on tail/fins. Is it fin rot? :(
  4. my sailfin plec looks moldy
  5. underweight platy
  6. Fish poo...again!
  7. White Fungus on Fin
  8. What on earth is happening to my fish??
  9. Strange red patch on the side of my new clown loach
  10. lethargic cherry barb
  11. Strange patch on male bolivian ram
  12. Cherry barb died and white mark on gourami?
  13. White Spots
  14. Rummy Nose tetra loses colour after cleaning?
  15. Fish poo - what's normal and what's not
  16. pearl danio acting very strange
  17. A sad little Green Tiger Barb
  18. Cory with swollen eye
  19. Endler on his way out? :-(
  20. Tales of the Unexpected - The case of the lopsided fishes
  21. How long?
  22. Pim Pictus Whiskers
  23. Danio ill health
  24. Found out how the Rainbows are bruising their mouths!!
  25. Tumour or lymphocystis
  26. corydoras pale, fin loss, loss of balance
  27. red mark behind gill
  28. Help! My Pleco has a weird wound?
  29. Golden Barbs look overweight
  30. Boesmani with white fluffy growth on upper lip
  31. Why always the one?!
  32. Poorly dwarf gourami
  33. Strange mark on Platy
  34. Faded, shy Endler
  35. Cardinal has lost its tail fin
  36. other than clove oil??
  37. One of my Honey Gouramie has become very shy!
  38. Rummy Nose Tetra lost its colour
  39. columbian red fin with black marks and possible eye issues
  40. Molly flicking against leaves!
  41. One of my Platy has lump near tail!!
  42. Fat Zebra Danio
  43. sideways Molly
  44. Fat Fish
  45. Plec Behaviour?
  46. sudden death?
  47. Best UK safe treatment for Whitespot(Ich) please?
  48. Lace\Pearl Gourami's