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Golden Nugget Pleco - How To Get To Eat Meat-based Foods

Author Topic: Golden nugget pleco - how to get to eat meat-based foods  (Read 1388 times)

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Golden nugget pleco - how to get to eat meat-based foods
« on: February 26, 2017, 08:51:27 PM »
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Hello everyone.

Was just wondering if anyone has any suggestions please.

I got a golden nugget plec. I've had him 11 months. I've finally managed to get him eating foods. His favourite is courgette. Then he also likes cucumber. But I've tried peas, melon, sweet potatoe, cucumber and just trying carrot he doesn't seem fussed by all the others. He's never had meat he never a chance to be honest as I've got 3 yo yo loaches and a t bar chiclid that goes mad for the prawn or mussle they pull if away, rip it apart and stuff their mouths so full they struggle to breath. I managed to attach a little prawn to the carrot today and again all the ganitscone come swimming in and pinch it. My nugget managed to get a little taste but then got scared away bless him. He seemed to come back looking for the prawn going mad to try find it.

I have tried when lights are out but the loaches smells it and go mad for it.

I want him to get some meaty food. Does anyone have any ideas how I could give him some??

Thank you
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