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Changes to Community Creator
« on: October 09, 2018, 03:47:02 PM »
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The stocking levels allowed in the Community Creator for various filter types have been amended downwards; existing users will therefore, see changes in the recommendations provided for their tanks.

Previous knowledge suggested that increasing water flow and the amount of filter media in larger filters resulted in a much greater stocking capacity for any given aquarium. It is now believed that these factors do not influence stocking levels to the same degree.

Faster water flow is known to increase gas exchange at the surface, allowing oxygen to dissolve faster. But there are many fish which originate in slow moving water and a fast water flow in an aquarium is detrimental to their long term well being.

We now know that beneficial bacteria live in all parts of an aquarium, not just the filter. Increasing the amount of filter media does not significantly increase the amount of bacteria which can live in an aquarium.

It was previously believed that nitrate, the end product of the nitrogen cycle, was safe at levels in the low hundreds of ppm. We now know that a nitrate level over 20 ppm has long term impact on fish health. Increasing filtration does not reduce the level of nitrate in an aquarium, nor any of the countless other waste products excreted by fish.

Choosing a good combination of fish for an aquarium depends on many factors. The size of the aquarium is only one factor. Other factors for consideration include the hardness of the water; the activity level of the fish as fast swimming fish should not be mixed with slow swimming fish; the need for some fish to live with several of their own kind; the need for other fish to defend a territory.

If you are planning an aquarium, or just looking for ideas for new fish, why not join the forum and discuss your plans with other members.

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